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Peony’s pick of the month

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Always on the lookout for great new beauty products, but faithful to some classics, I would like to share some of my new finds as well as timeless favorites. It is true that my skin, hair and face are extremely dry, but each month I will try to present some new products for everyone. This month I have taken extra care in searching for deeply nourishing and moisturizing formulas which our skin welcome in the winter cold.

Weleda, Tom Ford, Dr. Haushka, Oskia

Dr. Hauschka lip balm or stick (natural and organic)
I have very dry, flaky lips and this is the only product that really works for me. I still try other brands, but I always come back to Dr. Haushka’s lip balm, which I have been using for over 10 years. What I especially love about it is that it works holistically from the inside out so it actually cures dry lips. Traditional lip balm just puts a layer of wax over the lips, in many cases petroleum.
Dr. Haushka’s all natural and organic lip balm has four plant waxes and beeswax, including silk which leave my sensitive lips with a soft, silky shine.
So if you are thinking of choosing one product to go organic, I highly recommend starting with this lip product, not only because you will notice the difference, but also because you will reduce the risk of ingesting toxin (commonly found in petroleum based lip balms,) every time you lick your lips.

Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil (natural and organic)
I love this regenerating body oil, which leaves my extremely dry winter skin incredibly soft and supple. I apply it while my skin is still damp from my evening shower, just before going to bed. The delicate perfume of the oil relaxes me to sleep and I wake up with baby soft skin. I really appreciate that it is free from synthetic additives.
Its active ingredient is organic pomegranate seed oil which is full of nutrients, rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins which help to support the natural regeneration processes of the skin. Weleda is a great brand with a 90 year heritage in green beauty products.

Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm
Even the best face creams won’t be able to do their work if your skin in not properly exfoliated. At least once a week I exfoliate my face to remove the top layer of dead skin cells so that shiny, new, bright skin is exposed, so preparing my skin for my favorite skin care products.
A recent find, and one that I instantly fell in love with, is the Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm which can be purchased at Blend Store, an amazing new beauty concept store recently opened by the makeup artist Lucie in Barcelona.
The Oskia Micro Exfoliating Balm contains micro silica beads that gently eliminate the dead skin cells and impurities along with active ingredients such as Rosehip Seed Oil, Kukui Nut oils, SweeT Almond and Sesame Seed oils. The entire exfoliation process is a pleasure – from opening the solid glass jar, scooping out a dollop of beautifully perfumed cream, applying a few drops of water so that the product converts into a milky cream, a real sensorial pleasure to massage on my face. Continue reading “Peony’s pick of the month” »

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Belleza natural: Las razones de mi “conversión”

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Ya sabéis que en los tratamientos faciales y corporales en The Pink Peony tenemos una política muy estricta de usar únicamente productos orgánicos y certificados. Forma parte de nuestra concepción holística de la belleza, que incluye cuerpo y mente, pero también la armonía con la naturaleza… Continue reading “Belleza natural: Las razones de mi “conversión”” »

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