An impeccable manicure will never skip Top & Base coat. Step by step tutorial.

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Street style

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One of the things that I love about The Pink Peony are all the different types of clients that we have. All of them in their own way and in their different styles share our passion for sleek manicures and pampered hands. On this weeks post I wanted to share the looks of some of our clients and their nailpolish choices which reflect this Spring’s color trends.

From left to right: María chose “Capri” by Essie, a fiery hot creamy orange. Carlota from the blog The Goorgeous opted for a classic red by OPI. Gemma for a dark OPI “Eurso Euro” indigo blue.

On the second row Patricia, went for a “Forever Yummy” Essie red. Natalia who loves contrasting colours chose “Peach Daiquiri” by Essie to contrast her yellow purse and blue printed dress. Jessie decided to give a girly touch to her biker look with “My Chihuahua Bites!” by OPI.

Andl finally Eli keeps her busy agenda updated with a stylish “California Raspberry” by OPI. Carolina matched her lipstick with Essie’s “Too Too Hot” red. And last but not least, Xisca chose a bright “Mango Bango” by Essie.

Thank you all for sharing your looks on my blog.

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My top beauty products for April

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With the longer days and warming temperatures I feel ready for spring and am eager to shed the heavier winter makeup for lighter products, so my beauty selection for this month is focused on highlighting rather than concealing and achieving a more natural look. I hope you enjoy this month’s beauty recommendations.

Lancôme’s Cils Booster XL & Hypnôse Custom Volume Mascara, the perfect solution for my short, thin, nearly invisible lashes

The eyes are one of the most important features of a face and certainly the most expressive, I tend not use eye shadow but I really love giving and extra boost to my lashes which unfortunately are short and nearly invisible. So discovering the Lancôme Cils Booster XL was a great find and it has become a true beauty essential for me. The lash booster is a super enhancing mascara base that is applied immediately before your normal mascara. The base has a conditioning formula with micro-fibers and Vitamin E which works even on sensitive eyes and adds extra length emphasizing even the shortest lashes.

On top I use Lancôme’s Hypnôse Custom Volume Mascara which I buy at Sephora which glides on perfectly after the base coat evenly coating my lashes without clumping. It is such an amazing mascara, which really makes my short lashes look unbelievably long and thick.

YSL Voluptée Sheer Candy glossy balm my lipstick for working out

After my eyes I like to add a small touch of color to my lips with YSL’s Voluptée Sheer Candy glossy balm which I buy at Sephora. In the spring and summer, I don’t usually wear lipstick as on my face as it looks a bit stiff, but I love a discreet shine like the one achieved with this delicious lip gloss. My personal favorite is #5 rightly named “Mouthwatering Berry”. It is almost transparent, not too shinny but it adds the right amount of color which makes you look great without seeming if you are trying too hard. It works great for my yoga class, where a full blown lipstick would look out of place. Its formula is boosted with vitamin and antioxidant-rich fruit extract which leaving my lips feeling soft and hydrated.

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Peony interviews Mandy Keillor

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Mandy Keillor from Studio Australia Barcelona

Since my arrival in Barcelona more than thirteen years ago I’ve come to meet many wonderful people which have become close friends. People both from Barcelona and foreigners who like me have decided to make this our home. One of those persons which are special for me is Mandy Keillor, an Australian that first came to Barcelona in her late twenties; fell in love with the city and who decided that she would one day live here. Fourteen years later she returned and realized that she still felt the same way, so after returning to Australia and closing house and her own building company Mandy moved to Barcelona with her partner. Once here she realized that the building sector maybe wasn´t the smartest business choice of the moment. Mandy’s partner is a Pilates instructor and contemporary dancer and Mandy herself a competitive body builder and a passionate person about health and wellness, so together they decided to start a Pilates studio in Barcelona in order to provide new natural therapies and practices.

It was while I taking Pilates classes at Studio Australia Barcelona that I met Mandy and we immediately we got along with our common passion for natural health and wellbeing and as we are both foreign entrepreneurs in Catalonia. So it was a natural choice for me to have Mandy share some of her thoughts through my questionnaire, which is like a Proust Questionaire, but shorter and lighter:

What’s the best advice ever given to you? “Never try and navigate the Spanish tax system.  Find a good accountant and lawyer who live there.” The Spanish Console Adelaide, South Australia.

How do you celebrate successes? Sharing them with my partner, family and friends.

And how do you “heal” from bad experiences (a broken heart, bad news…)? I have a good cry for as long as it takes, then once again I realize that these are just life lessons that make us the people we are, and then I get on with it.

What’s the best time of the day for you? Afternoons.

Two or three references to keep you informed (blogs, press, sites, etc) 7.30 Report from ABC Australia.

Your favorite place in Barcelona is… Our Studio!

What’s your motto in life? Eagles fly, bees make honey.

What makes you feel feminine? My wife.

Your essential beauty routine is…Face Pilates.

A beauty product you can’t live without…Moisturizer.

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